Every year, MNPGX curates a carefully selected indice crop of the latest in innovation for deal-flow, sometimes internal co-creations, and others, from the wider public.

The goal of the micro VENTURE MENU is to provide a basket of leading-edge & disruptive ideas to scale-up with the right management. A universe in itself.

Future progression. Distributed methodology. Sustaining momentum.

Serving the wider-interest of the development of futuristic business model concepts, with strong foundations. With an extremely unique value proposition spectrum, for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Our network reach is global, but we have a local appeal.

Mobile. Digital. Product. There is so much disruption occurring faster and faster, and vast industries are converging. This means that it is not only necessary to be agile, you have to be prepared to be flexible- all the time.

The proper vision and knowledge-base is required to fully align with the intangible and tangible value that is available for growth. This is where the micro-venture menu provides context, as well as clarity.