Establishing new forms of enterprisal engagement.

Curating micro deal-flow: we bring the right internal and external scale-ups to new audiences.

Every year, MNPGX puts together a relative basket of investment opportunities. Leading the way towards the micro-massive.


Creating solutions to impact problems, and yielding returns.


MNPGX shifts with the market and improves it.


We work as needed, and are committed to customer success.


Startups have become a thing of the past. The next wave of entrepreneurial actiivity happens in the scale-up arena. Because of rapid advancements in information technology, new venture creation is experiencing expansion like never before.

Indice experience

There couldn’t be a better time to get involved with a micro-portfolio indice. With a robust network and a dedicated work-flow, MNPGX is well positioned by having a diverse core, yet, a traditional approach to company building.

Constant synergy

What seperates this initiative from the next, is that this is just the beginning. On an annual basis, this is where the synergistic opportunities arise, and all at an affordable constant. Experience all that this era has to offer, with a sure thing.